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Live XML Editor: Version 1.5

posted by admin in JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, XML

I recently had a chance to make a few updates to the Live XML Editor and address some user requests. Version 1.5 is now done and out.  Among the updates are:

- jQuery 1.4 support. Since the editor relies heavily on DOM rendering and events, this update makes the app snappier.

- Comment node display and editing. This was requested by a user and I was surprised that I hadn’t thought of it. Creating comments isn’t supported yet, but its on the to-do list.

- Various bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations.

- Added (MIT) license.

Check it out:  Code is also on GitHub:

Make an Object loggable()

posted by admin in JavaScript

loggable() is a simple little function for safely making a JavaScript object (console) loggable. (Name was inspired by @furf‘s jquery.bindable.js.)

 * Loggable adds a log method to the passed object.
 * @param obj       {Object}  Object which will get a new log() method
 * @param objName   {String}  Optional parameter for displaying a string before each log output
 * @param debugMode {boolean} Optional switch for disabling logging
function loggable(obj /* , objName, debugMode */){
	var objName   = arguments[1] || "",
		debugMode = (typeof arguments[2]!=="undefined") ? arguments[2] : true,
		prefix    = objName ? objName + ": " : "";
	obj.log = (function(prefix){
		return function(){
			if (debugMode && typeof console!=="undefined"){
				if (arguments.length){
					arguments[0] = prefix + arguments[0];
				console.log.apply(null, arguments);
	return obj;

So if you have an object like:

var obj = {
  name     : "Alex",
  getName : function(){ return "Alex" },
  setName : function(name){ = name;
    obj.log("name was set to", name);

loggable(obj, "Obj");

Then, executing:


Will log this in your console (Firebug or otherwise):

Obj: name was set to Balthazar.

Here it is on GitHub:

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